Exclusion or Inclusion: The Minority Culture Protection Inheritance and Development in the Festival Economy A Case Study of “San Yue Jie” Festival of Bai Nationality, Dali

  •  Lijian Zhang    


The thesis based on the case study of “San Yue Jie” Festival of Bai Nationality, reavealed the history, developing process and current situation of “San Yue Jie” Festival. Considered that the festival acted as an important role in the manority culture, the festival economy was a key to develop the manority culture. Futher more, the thesis disclosed the positive influences, formation and features of festival economy. Discussed that how to transform the traditional festival into an festival economy sucessfully. The festival economy would be provide an model to protect, inheritance and develop the traditional manority culture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.