Professional Self-Esteem of Secondary School Teachers

  •  Fouzia Tabassum    
  •  Muhammad Asghar Ali    


Professional self-esteem is a very important concept that should be highlighted to the professionals because it makes them understand their worthiness, evaluate their expertise and adjust themselves accordingly with their ambience. As far as the teachers are concerned, it becomes more imperative for them to persistently evaluate their competencies in order to perform their model role in their best. This continuous perusal of their professional abilities is the essence of professional self-esteem as it would, undoubtedly, enable them to explore those qualities which are complementary to the vitality of their role as a teacher. The perception of professional self-esteem is very important as it advocates the very essence of professionalism amongst the professionals. This research is mainly focused on professional self-esteem of teachers at secondary level. The major objective of this research is to compare the level of professional self-esteem of teachers (science/arts, rural/urban, male/female) at secondary level. Aricak (1999) Professional Self-Esteem Scale was used for this research study. Simple random sampling technique was used to get sample from the population. Data was collected from secondary school teachers of Sahiwal District, who were teaching different subjects of Science and Arts.
The response rate was 81% as 203 out of 250 questionnaires were returned. Independent Sample t-test was applied. There is no significant difference in the level of professional self-esteem of Arts and Science teachers and rural and urban teachers, whereas a significant difference is found in the professional self-esteem level of male and female. Female secondary school teachers have high professional self-esteem than male teachers.

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