The Relationship between Store Brand and Customer Loyalty in Retailing in Malaysia

  •  Rahman Bin Abdullah    
  •  Norhanisah Bte Ismail    
  •  Akmal Fadhila Bte Abdul Rahman    
  •  Musnadzirah Bte Mohd Suhaimin    
  •  Siti Khadijah Bte Safie    
  •  Mohd Tajul Hasnan Mohd Tajuddin    
  •  Radzuan Noor Armia    
  •  Nik Adnan Nik Mat    
  •  Nazarudin Derani    
  •  Mohamed Muneer Samsudin    
  •  Razlan Adli Zain    
  •  Gopala Krishnan Sekharan Nair    


Purpose: The purpose of this study are to ascertain the linkages between brand and customer loyalty towards store brands especially in Malaysia, to investigate the factor that contributes to brand loyalty to increase the number of brand loyal customer and to determine the factors influencing the success of store brand in the market.
Significance of the study (Theoretical aspect): It is hope that this research may create a niche understanding of a relationship between store brand and customer loyalty in Malaysia. The findings of this study also can be added into current knowledge and literature for future reference.
Significance of the study (Practical aspect): This research is also essential in practical aspect where it can be used as a guideline for the newly developed company to market their store brand. Furthermore, the findings of this study can also be used by other organization to solve problems occur in the future resulting from aggressive competition in the market. Hence, they may improve their performance in providing the best product or service to customers. Besides, this study also will ensure that the attributes of customer loyalty strategies and customer loyalty program can be implemented in the store brand business such as Mesra reward card and Giant membership card.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.