Perception of Employees on Internal Communication of a Leading Five Star Hotel in Malaysia

  •  Zulhamri Abdullah    
  •  Claina Antonette Antony    


The purpose of this study is to determine the importance of internal communication practice of a leading five star hotel in Malaysia. It is fruitful to measure the effectiveness of internal communication as it may improve staff productivity and satisfaction. Generally, internal communication has been ignored by some Malaysian organizations. Top management personnel see the concept of internal communication as a lower priority task than external communication such as marketing and publicity. Thus, a survey research was applied to study the key concepts of internal communication. Using a purposive random sampling technique, 144 usable responses were collected from employees of a leading five star hotel. The findings show that communication is a foundational effort of organizational success. Employees are proud of their bottom-up, top-down and horizontal communication that enhance employee relations. Specifically, everyone at this five star hotel has the ability to be heard. Every effort is made to keep its employees fully informed of events and news. In other words, employees have accessed to all vital information. In addition, most employees are satisfied with their job due to regular communication activities in a pleasant atmosphere. In concluding remarks, the practices of internal communication in this hotel are crucial as it treats employees with an immense value to attain organizational objectives.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.