Philosophy Thoughts Affect Costume

  •  Weiwei Liu    


Apart from beautifying and protecting human body, costume itself is a symbol of culture and an image of some thoughts. Furthermore, different origins of Western and Eastern civilizations and various cultures for thousands of years have created distinctive varieties in costume. In Chinese history of apparel, whether the two forms of yi and shang (upper garment and the lower garment), i.e. skirts, or shenyi, i.e. qunju usually worn by women, and the later changes in color or in structure or in details, costume has been deeply affected by Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and other traditional Chinese thoughts. Among them, Confucianism has given the greatest. The Western costume is completely different from that of China. Westerners have paid more attention to the pursuit of their own natural beauty, the rational exploration and the worship of religion and theology.

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