Human Resources Empowerment and Its Role in the Sustainable Tourism

  •  Fateme Tohidy Ardahaey    
  •  Hamid Nabilou    


During the last decades, the tendency of tourism sector development has been manifested obviously, considering training and empowering human resources involved in this industry, especially in the most industrialized countries. This research aims to study the role of human resource empowerment in the development of tourism industry. After clarifying the concept of empowerment, its importance and its role in sustainable development, the objectives of tourism industry and winning customers’ satisfaction in tourist environments by means of enhancing job satisfaction, innovation and creativity at work, problem solving,… are determined.
The results from the research showed that the present organizations across the world have some strong tendency to empower their personnel to increase efficiency and improve working systems. It was also suggested that the management and personnel would better have short term, long term and professional training courses in order to better perform their tasks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.