An Analysis of the Phenomenon of Global “Mandarin Fever”

  •  Hong Gao    


For the time being, “Mandarin fever” has been warming up persistently. This article analyzes that the root cause for this phenomenon lies in the daily mightiness of China and distinctive charm of Chinese culture. At the time when we take the pride, we also have to calm down to face up with the fact and make reflections. On one hand, we should try to make a good job of economic construction in a down-to-earth manner, continue to enhance the comprehensive national strength of our country and further reinforce military and scientific strength. On the other hand, we should continuously improve quality of teaching Chinese a foreign language and connotation of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and strengthen competitive force of “Confucius Institute” as a primary channel for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. It is necessary to carry forward Chinese culture, manifest quintessence of Chinese culture and enable Chinese to become one of the languages that people from all over the world show favor for in their communication.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.