A Study of Collision and Fusion of Eastern and Western People-oriented Management Philosophy

  •  Guiling Wei    
  •  Caiyun Zhang    


Eastern people-oriented management philosophy, traditional Chinese management culture as its core, emphasizes on culture and ethical guidance. Before the 17th century, this kind of management thinking has brought tremendous economic, social, cultural and other aspects prosperity to the East. However, in modern times, as a result of decline of the east and rapid rise of the west, management theory has been rooted in western management ideology. The 21st century, is a new stage of management theory development, which witnesses world’s continuous economic development, increasingly regional cooperation, and all these contribute to the unprecedented collision and fusion of eastern and western “people-oriented” management philosophy. The main orientation of future management development should be oriental management culture as its core, and absorb scientific achievements of western management culture, in order to enrich the treasure trove of management philosophy so as to promote the great fusion of eastern and western management cultures.

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