Sustainable Maintenance of Navigation Channel: The Case of Port Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) Port

  •  O. O. Sulaiman    
  •  A.H. Saharuddin    
  •  A.S.A. Kader    


Maritime industry is the cradle of all modes of transportation where port is and ship is necessary to facilitate trading through marine transportation. Human development and demand for international trade has resulted to need for economic of large scale for ships. Recently, there is continuous growth or need for larger and sophisticated ship through increasing shipping activities and this has lead to design and production of sophisticated state of art safety oriented marine vehicle in term of size, speed and structure- albeit, this safety based designed development is out of phase with conditions of navigation channels. To create a balance for safe navigation in inland port which are considered to be restricted water, this big ships will ply, it is necessary to maintain the channel to keep accepting the target largest vessel , and the channel should be maintain at frequency the ship building are growing. This paper presents the result of application of best practice simplified method for channel maintenance against vessel design and reception requirement. The model is used to calculate channel dept requirement to be maintain for Port Tajun Palapes (PTP) in Johor, Malaysia which arrived at 15.2. The paper also discusses reservation regarding sustainability reservation requirement for channel maintenance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.