Investigating Effective Factors on Development of Tourism Industry in Iran

  •  Seyed Fathollah Amiri Aghdaie    
  •  Ramin Momeni    


Since long times ago, depending on petroleum and its products has been the most important challenge in Iran's economy. Therefore reducing the role of that and substituting it with other industries is one of the principal purposes of Iran's economic projects. Among these substituting industries, tourism is the most important one. Because of creating many job opportunities ,entering lots of foreign exchange and has the minimum environmental pollution .However in Iran does not given priority to tourism industry as it deserves, so Iran which is the 5th attractive country in the world, in 2009 was place 137th ranking of the countries in terms of attracting tourists. Therefore, it seems absolutely necessary to take tourism industry into consideration more seriously.
The goal of this study is investigating the effective factors on tourism industry in Iran, the mentioned goal will be accomplished by variable factors such as advertisement and informing people, tourist's safety and security, reducing tourism expense, increasing welfare services and its quality, increasing foreign investment and expanding foreign relation as research hypothesis. The type of article is descriptive-cognitive and the related information for this scope has been collected by using library resources and moreover for collecting necessary data in order to accept or reject the research hypothesis a questionnaire made by researchers has been used. Statistical society for this research includes the managers of tourism agencies in Isfahan city and the method being used has been random sampling. All the variables have positive effect on tourism industry in Iran.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.