China English: Adaptation of English to Chinese Culture

  •  Fachun Zhang    


Today in the world of English language teaching and learning, EIL(English as an international language) has been gradually preferred, instead of the traditional ESL(English as a second language) or EFL(English as a foreign language). It is believed that non-native English varieties developed worldwide should be as important as the native English varieties and it is rational for decision-makers of a country to choose the right English variety to teach and to learn. China English is one of such non-native English varieties, and it is the product of adaptation of the English language to Chinese culture.  Even it is still controversial, China English has began to gain more and more recognition in academic world. This paper is to discuss development of China English in Chinese culture and explore some of its linguistic features in terms of phonology, vocabulary, syntax, semantics, and discourse, etc.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.