The Emergence of India as New Military Power: Threat or Opportunity to Southeast Asia?

  •  Mohamad Faisol Keling    
  •  Md. Shukri Shuib    
  •  Mohd Na’eim Ajis    


South Asia is a region often tinted with crisis, conflict and war. Historically, this region is undeniably a region exposed by military activities or 'use of force'. Therefore, military development has become a main agenda in South Asian countries in hope to strengthen the defense system and ensure security and national sovereignty. The need of this military development agenda has successfully made India, which obtained independence in 1947, to emerge as a new military power through certain stages to date. This military development will give some impact on Southeast Asian countries either in the form of threat or opportunity. In threat aspect, military development by India definitely will give some implications due to geopolitical issue. However, this development can be seen is more to deterrence approach. In opportunity aspect, ASEAN should take this chance to make relation with India particularly in economic cooperation as they have done with Japan and China. The cooperation measure must be taken by setting up bilateral discussion and formulating the policy in which favor to cooperate with India. Due to this cooperation, India is seen will give some balance to Japan and China influence to Southeast Asian countries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.