Planning of Nursing Home Care Services in Jordan: Its Reality and Challenges

  •  Hasan Salih Suliman Al-Qudah    


United Nations Principles for Older Persons acknowledge five rights to elderly or older persons, these rights are the right of "independence, care, self, fulfillment, dignity, participation.
The demographic Indication witnessed increasing trends in population pyramid at developed countries on aging rates world wide, especially in most of developing countries. So in order to address this growing dilemma at our civilized world its proved at statistics surveys, on current research work as it will try to expose to efforts the plans made by many Jordanian Civil &Governmental initiatives for facing this category for the purpose of providing high standards services at both health and social care services for elderly people and to help them reaching a self-realization, and to encourage them in developing their potential through resources available in different aspects of the community educationally, culturally, spiritually and even through recreational activities.
The present study aims to identify current capabilities that available in serving elderly people at two main Nursing Home Centers in Jordan located in Amman. Its limitation to only two most serving accommodated numbers of elder's Nursing Home centers the first is: White Beds Society and the second is: Centre for Princess Muna older women Nursing homes / Orthodox Charity as both are largest and oldest of Nursing homes centers serving elderly.
The research concluded many numerous results most important are: There shall specialized cooperation bodies in charge of deals with other institutions working in the field of aging society, as of governmental organizations, hospitals, accredited qualified manpower to deal with this deer category of our society.
secondly. Assist homes for elderly in budgetary provisions of adequate budget to them.

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