An Impirical Study on the Effect of Family Factor on Consumer Buying Behaviours

  •  Durmaz Yakup    
  •  Zengin Sevil    


Today’s businesses are obliged to monitor and adapt themselves to the fast-evolving business environment not only to coordinate themselves with fierce competition and but also to survive. Businesses take modern approaches as a goal to have a voice in the management in the process which is continuously refreshing itself. Formerly, marketing concept worked in production-oriented; however, later on, it began to work in consumer-oriented.
Nowadays, consumer behaviouris influenced not only by consumer personalities and motivations, but also by the relationships within families. Family is a social group and it can be considered the cornerstone of consumers so it has a crucial place in the perception of marketing.
Marketeers closely interested in this issue to know the family which changed and renewed in course of time. It provides a tremendous advantage for a marketeer to know the family structure and its consumption characteristics.
In this study, how family factor affect consumer behaviors in Turkey with the participation of 1286 people in the provinces through interviews.

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