The Psychological Analysis of Preferences to Film and Television for Contemporary University Students

  •  Chuanbo Sun    
  •  Hui Hu    
  •  Ying Jia    


This study focused on exploring the university students’ sense on the film and television by questionnaire method. As a result, we found that the affectional works are the undergraduates` most favorite type of the film and television. The students are generally fond of the leading actor among a number of roles. The preferences of the film and television by category in terms of gender, grade, major three variables on the difference was not significant. The preferred orientation of movies and teleplay has a significant difference on the gender. The results of the content analysis indicated that the undergraduates like the male actors who have a sense of responsibility, value ties of friendship and endure the humiliation etc, which are in line with the traditional concept of Man image; and enjoy the female roles who not only are gentle, kind virtuous wife and good loving mother, but also are strong, independent, self-confident modern woman.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.