An Analysis of Risks of Electric Charge in Electric Network Enterprises under the Influences of the Financial Crisis and Causes for the Risks

  •  Yimin Liu    
  •  Kun Zhou    
  •  Haiyang Hou    
  •  Jinpeng Liu    


The financial crisis has exerted influences of different degrees within a global scope, and, in the meanwhile, has brought about definite risks to the electric charge management in electric network enterprises. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of prominent risks and characteristic changes in electric charge management in electric network enterprises under influences of the financial crisis, and studies the sources and major causes for the risks of electric charge by taking Hunan Electric Power Company as the case study, which has great reference significance for electric network enterprises to further strengthen the electric charge management work and enhance the comprehensive risk management level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.