The Problems and Solutions to the Building of the New-type Rural Cooperative Medical Workforce

  •  Lidan Wang    
  •  Yu Zhang    
  •  Yahui Zhang    
  •  Yayun Yu    
  •  Leilei Liu    
  •  Chunyan Mo    


In order to improve the rural medical conditions, China has started to try a new policy ---- New-type Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance from July, 2003, which has greatly improved rural medical facilities and alleviated the burden of the rural medical treatment. Rural health care reform has made great achievements. However, research shows that there are still some aspects which are worthy of attention and improvement. Focusing on the collection, collation and research of the survey data, we have found some relatively urgent issues, particularly on the medical team-building, such as an aging medical staff term; what’s more, the quality of the medical staff issues should be improved. From the perspective of the doctors, we are analyzing and proposing solutions to these issues. It is significant for the sustainable development of the New-type Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance.

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