The Beveridge Report and Its Impact on China’s Social Security System

  •  Yu Zhao    


When it was published on December1st 1942, Social Insurance and Allied Services, or as it was universally called, the Beveridge Report, was an instant and phenomenal success.
It gives the criticism to the England resent social security system. The report pointed that each problem has been dealt with separately, with little or no reference to allied problem. And it causes each kind of social security measure isolation, which sometimes creates repeat, sometimes appears the blank spot.Thus has affected the social security system actual effection. The England social security system reform persists three principles. The first principle is that any proposals for future, while they should use to the full the experience gathered in the past, should not be restricted by consideration of sectional interests established in the obtaining of that experience. The second principle is that ognanization of social insurance should be treated as one part only of a comprehensive policy of social progress. The third principle is that social security must be achieved by co-opration between the state and the individual.The Bverridge Report is one of the most important work which influence the social security system of England and other counties in the world.

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