Effectiveness of Prefabricated House Industry’s Marketing Activities and Turkish Consumers’ Buying Intentions towards Prefabricated Houses

  •  Fahri Apaydin    


Prefabricated house industry might be considered as being at the stage of birth in Turkey and the consumer demand for this product category seems sluggish owing to some reasons. This empirical study explores some possible reasons of the low demand rates for prefabricated houses and data was gathered via an online survey in Turkey and some statistical analyses were conducted using SPSS statistical program. This paper also provides a cognitive framework to understand the consumer buying dimensions of prefabricated houses. The results reveal that marketing communication tools are not being used sufficiently, and thus marketing communications are not being held effectively by prefabricated houses manufacturers. As a result, consumers lack some significant information related with the attributes of the product, in this case prefabricated houses, they held misinformation about the product, and so they do not develop desired buying intentions about this product category.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.