A Comparative Study of the World Environment Day Theme Slogans and Chinese Environmental Protection Slogans

  •  Kui Zhu    
  •  Meilin Xie    


Slogans have a long history. They not only affect people’s daily language, but also influence people's consciousness and behavior. Slogans are said to be the strongest voices of the time and represent an important communication phenomenon. Therefore, a study on slogans is of great significance. Since the 1970s, the environmental problem has become the focus of the world, and the environmental protection slogans have played an important role not only in stimulating people's awareness of the environment but also in enhancing political attention and public action. The authors in this paper first briefly introduce the definitions, structures and functions of slogans and then point out the similarities and differences between the World Environment Day theme slogans and Chinese environmental protection slogans in order to help people understand the meaning of environmental protection slogans, thus awakening people to the protection of the environment and promoting the communication among countries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.