Culture & Education: An Analysis on Schooling of an Ethnic Minority Village in Pre-modernization

  •  Xiaoyan Wang    


The study focuses on a Miao village of Southwest China, where the educations both home and community existing in the village are affecting the children. Before the place becomes part of modern society, traditional culture working in their reality life as well as rooting deeply in villagers’ mind. They haven’t recognized the meaning of the schooling education completely yet. The study finds that the point is that there are the different education types between schooling and home & community, including different contents, methods and aims of teaching. The findings suggest that they are badly in need a process of getting themselves to adapt to schooling, that is not the time problem, but understanding that “why I am going to school”, and “what I am studying for”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.