A Proposed Model of Antecedents and Outcomes of Brand Orientation for Nonprofit Sector

  •  Fahri Apaydin    


Most literature focuses on the branding in the profit sector, while few efforts have been spent on studies in the nonprofit sector which has been in the rise in the last decades and constitutes a remarkable percentage of the economy in many developed countries. Nonprofit organizations are in essence a kind of an indicator of how developed a country is, so it might be accepted that in underdeveloped countries and developing countries they are not well established yet, so analyzing the well established nonprofit organizations will also usher the ones which are at still birth age. An issue which should be analyzed about nonprofit organizations is the application of a significant marketing concept brand orientation. The proposed research aims to highlight the importance of branding and brand orientation for nonprofit organizations and to bring to surface the antecedents and the outcomes of being brand oriented in nonprofit sector. A comprehensive literature review was done and a conceptual model is proposed in this literature review.

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