The Efficacy of Budgeting as a Control Measure in Developing Economies: A Study from Nigeria

  •  Segun Abogun    
  •  Temitope Fagbemi    


The effectiveness of budgeting has a link with the level of environmental volatility. It means that, how effective budgeting would be in controlling the activities of any organisation depends largely on the environmental volatility under which such budget is operated. Empirical evidence on the effect of environmental factors on budgeting and budget effectiveness in Nigeria, an emerging economy has been scanty. This gap in the literature is the focus of this study. The primary source of data was used and data were collected through the use of questionnaire. Hypotheses were formulated and tested using inferential statistics. Findings did not provide strong evidence on the effectiveness of budgeting as a control measure. This is not consistent with evidences from the developed world. The findings also reveal those factors affecting the effectiveness of budgeting in Nigeria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.