The Study of Social, Political, Ethical, and Athletic Aspects of Qolam Reza Takhti’s Life

  •  Mohammad Ehsani    
  •  Rasool Nazari    


Takhti’s Life process is a turning point in Iran wrestling history, specially his life created an explicit relation between sport and politic and athletic sociology. Takhti is different from others and athletic generation because he had philanthropic and patriotic moral. Today it seems that we are looking for a special hero who is a leader for having meaningful and philanthropic life, not mundane winning. He lived like others. He was partner of happiness and sadness of people. The athlete is known by picture and commercial names. The hero is know by him/her self but famous by athletes are know by public advertisement. Takhti was famous by public advertisement and commercial propaganda? See that person can go form heroic field to fame field. Indeed, Takhti foster hero characteristics in him. He did not submit to others for special anxiety about lawful country was studied. His life is a multidimensional and complicated phenomenon which is resulted of time and place conditions. We result that the truthfully supporting of society is result of his tendency to support of poor people and unanimity to people whom know him like themselves. Qolam Reza Takhti is an exceptional athlete. He was humble and honor.

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