Comments on Relevant Study on Corporate Culture across the Taiwan Straits

  •  Chih-Chung Chen    


With more and more frequent economic and trade exchange across the Taiwan Straits, interdependency between Taiwan and the mainland China has been increasingly higher. However, as a result of separation of Taiwan and mainland China in the past one decade or so, the two sides have already had great differences in terms of culture and behavior pattern. Understanding of similarities and differences between the national culture and corporate culture of the two sides has great significance both to the academic field and enterprises. Through study on cross-culture and relevant study on differences between culture of the two sides, it has been discovered that, although there have been some empirical research achievements about the national culture and consumption culture of the two sides of Taiwan Straits, still a reliable research about corporate culture of the two sides has not been conducted, which is also a feasible direction for research in the future.

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