Aging of the Population and the Government Responsibility—The Advanced Age Turn of Chinese Population

  •  Yi Shen    


The advanced age turn of the population will bring deep influence on Chinese politics, economy, society and all aspects. With the population advanced age turn, a core problem that need first to be resolved is the caring guarantee for the old people. Concerning how to caring the old people, different nations have their different ways. Along with the formation of the welfare states and the perfect social guarantee systems, the governments as the representative of a nation undertake more and more responsibilities in caring the old people in the western flourishing nations. China has got into the advanced age turn of the population, but Chinese economy is still not flourishing. China is a typical nation of the "enriched but first old" model, and the family caring for the old people has been a predominant mode. Along with the speed of the population advanced age, the contract of the family scales, the descending of the family caring ability and so on, the problems of the old-age community, especially in the living guarantee for the poor old people, the caring for the old people's daily lives of the "empty nest" families and the spirit comfort for the old people etc. are outstanding day by day, and these directly influence the social harmony. So the government as the social public management organization has to undertake more and more homologous responsibilities, and works effectively out the related problems.

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