Comparison of the Difference between Chinese and Western Drinking Culture

  •  Lirong Jiang    


Wine culture is a culture between material and spirit. It takes the material as the carrier and it contains profound spirit in material life. China has a deep and long source of drinking culture, which has a complete seepage into the different domains of human life. As a special way of culture, drinking culture has a unique status in Chinese traditional culture. Today, the West's wine drinking culture, to a large extent, has an impact of China's liquor drinking culture. This article analyzes and compares the drinking culture between the East and the West, including the relation between the drinking culture and literature, art and wine games etc, pointing out that the difference of the drinking culture between the East and the West is actually a way of different thinking. China's drinking culture mainly show the humanistic dimension, with the poetry and literature and a long history of wine games etc, while western drinking culture is only to the respect and appreciation of the wine itself. For Chinese and the West, a different understanding of the drinking culture, the key is to make the best wine culture develop, and better for human service, which requires the integration of Chinese and Western wine culture. Therefore along with the globalization of world economy, the drinking culture is day by day boiling the head monopoly with its unique charm in cultural communication of the world. Comparing the difference between Chinese and Western drinking culture can perform the unique charm of Chinese wine culture, as well make more and more people in the world understand the wine culture and enjoy the wine culture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.