Musical Culture of Nakhchivan in the Turkic World

  •  Gulieva Aynura    


Our subject of studying was a special status regional Nakhchivan folklore dance of Yalli on the background of the Turkic folklore dance with the same name, which performing particularly in eastern Turkey. Studying in detail the music in both regions accompanied the ancient form of dance as well. Musical culture of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, located on the eastern borders of Turkey has a lot common peculiarities as a local music. Both in Turkey and in the Nakhchivan people living in both side of border has one language, common roots of which go back centuries. So for us, presented a particular interest to do a comparative analysis of both the dance and music, the answer, receiving to our problems would be shed light on issues relating to the music and dance culture of the peoples living so long without any contact with each other. The results of our studies provide an opportunity to come to the conclusion that in Nakhchivan and Turkish music with the mutual dependence of the elements of music is similar. Hence, the structure of the music, its introduction, middle and ending is determined by the cawing modal, modal basis. In addition, in the Nakhchivan and Turkey, "Yalli" methods of ringtones are also equal.

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