No Extreme any More, Strike a Balance

  •  Negah Allahyar    
  •  Shiva Ramezanpour    


During the last few years, different ways of approaching grammar have been the subject of much debate. Unlike Numerous studies have explored the advantages and disadvantages of such approaches, little discussion exists on the actual process of grammar instruction and instances of grammar presentation. This article is an attempt to address the state of grammar in Iranian public schools and private language centres, uncover the main reasons why deductive and inductive grammar have been bound to fail, Then it calls for a critical review of grammar in Education system as a key feature of the language curriculum and comes up with some suggestions. The purpose of this paper is giving a clear picture to those researchers who are interested to work in the area of grammar. For those education centres which want to reflect on realistic situation and improve their curricula and teacher training programs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.