Innovative Design and Contemporary Inheritance: A Study of Women's 'Beizi' in the Song Dynasty

  •  Peixian Sui    
  •  Xiangyang Bian    
  •  Jinying Mou    


Beizi is one of the traditional Chinese costumes. The designers redesign Beizi, and the innovative design of Beizi becomes popular. The paper is about women’s Beizi in the Song Dynasty. It analyzes and summarizes the shape, color, and fabric of female Beizi. Meanwhile, by doing a questionnaire and data analysis with SPSS, it showed the result of KMO and Bartlett's test is reliable. As a result, Beizi reflected the traditional styles in modern costumes which is the application of Chinese costumes. The paper aims to use data analysis to examine more characteristics of Chinese costumes and enhance modern recognition of traditional culture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.