Unifying Historical-Research and Drama-Interpretation: A Methodological Exploration of Textile Historical Materials in Chinese Classical Dramatic Literature

  •  Zhengjie JIN    
  •  Kehui DENG    


This paper puts the relationship between textile phenomena and textile historical materials in Chinese classical dramatic literature under the perspective of literature, history and textiles, introduces the goal orientation of "unifying historical-research and drama-interpretation", explains the nature of textile phenomena in classical dramatic literature, and the process of obtaining textile historical materials, and discusses the mechanism of "multi-dimensional mutual reference" of textile historical materials. The methodology believes that based on the mechanism of textile historical materials in Chinese classical dramatic literature, the positive process is the historical interpretation of textile phenomena, while the reverse process is the literary evidence of textile historical facts. The corresponding logical system attempts to solve the problem of "why Chinese classical dramatic literature has become a historical database for Chinese ancient textile research", and is expected to summarize the common regulations of extracting and studying the historical materials of textiles in various types of classical literary works.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.