Research on Brand Equity of Intelligent Connected Vehicles in China

  •  Keyu Li    
  •  Haslinda Binti Hashim    
  •  Nor Siah Binti Jaharuddin    


In the context of global climate change, the advancement of electric vehicles (EV) has emerged as a pivotal strategy for energy conservation and emission reduction within the transportation sector. Leveraging the progress in 5G and IoT technologies, intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) have emerged as a focal point within the realm of electric vehicles, with China spearheading significant developments in this domain. Concurrently, the proliferation of Chinese brand electric vehicles (CBEVs) has been notable in recent years. Nonetheless, academic research on the brand equity of CBEVs remains limited, particularly regarding the influencing factors from the consumer perspective and the functionalities of intelligent connectivity. This study aims to address these gaps by investigating the determinants of brand equity for CBEVs from the consumer standpoint. The findings reveal that consumer attitude, trust, and the intelligent connected feature exert a positive influence on brand equity. This underscores the importance for CBEVs manufacturers to focus on enhancing brand equity by fostering positive consumer attitudes, building trust, and offering comprehensive intelligent connected features.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.