Automated Linkedin Analysis to Determine Psychometric Characteristics of a Client

  •  Vasily Kashkin    
  •  Valeriya Paliy    


The purpose of this paper is to study programs for identifying the psychometric characteristics of a client based on his LinkedIn profile, test these programs and compare their functionality. We studied 52 programs for analyzing profiles of the social network LinkedIn. Only two of these programs have the functionality of psychometric personality analysis. In-depth testing of both programs was carried out. The article presents a comparison of the results obtained by two psychometric analysis programs and provides conclusions about the reliability of the assessments. We can not only determine psychological qualities, but also understand what model of behavior our potential client has, what decisions and how prefers to make, what qualities sympathizes with in others. This approach can be simplified and automated for business thanks to programs based on artificial intelligence. The use of programs that allow you to identify the psychometric characteristics of a client based on his profile on the LinkedIn social network will make it easier to study the target audience, build a communication strategy and promotion strategy, and will be useful for any business.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.