Automated Determination of a Behavioral Personality Type Using the Disc Method: Comparative Research of Programs and Chatbots Based on Artificial Intelligence

  •  Vasily Kashkin    
  •  Valeriya Paliy    


The article presents the results of the comparative research and testing of programs and chatbots based on artificial intelligence in order to determine the type of client's personality using the DISC method. The purpose of this study is to draw conclusions about the comparative effectiveness of the automated programs of psychometric text-based analysis and the possibility of their use in practice. We have analyzed 62 text mining programs and 11 artificial intelligence chatbots using automated language models and identified those that are capable of psychometric text analysis based on the DISC methodology. Using selected programs, we analyzed the text of social media posts and interviews of the selected company leader in order to determine his psychological characteristics and personality type. The studied programs are able to determine the personality type based on his/her texts and social networks, however, in our opinion, today such an assessment is not as reliable as with direct psychometric testing of a person and observation of his/her behavior in real life. This method of studying a person is quite useful from a marketing point of view and allows to prepare a product and business offer based on the psychological characteristics of a potential client.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.