America’s “Narrative of Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic” in “Post-truth” Context

  •  Shimi Xu    
  •  Xiao Han    
  •  Xueru Zhang    


Some US politicians and media, driven by the zero-sum Cold War mentality, ideological bias, and domestic political needs, have made no effort to politicize, stigmatize, and label the epidemic with the “post-truth” narrative logic of “promoting values and belittling the epidemic” in order to hide the institutional impotence and political incompetence exposed by the epidemic response and mitigate the impact of the comparison between “China’s governance” and “chaos in the United States.” The U.S. narrative of fighting COVID-19 was based on fabrications, fallacies, and hegemonic construction, which involved scapegoating others and assigning blame. The US “anti-epidemic narrative” is essentially a weapon to use fallacies to cut reality, fabricate history with lies, and suppress China with hegemony. The “anti-epidemic narrative” of the US is that it is dissatisfied with everything about China, regards China as being behind the times, and is hostile to both the Communist Party and Marxism. It is a denial of China’s strategy, direction, and system. The best method to combat the global public health crisis is to improve global public health governance, increase international cooperation against COVID-19, jointly build a “Silk Road for health,” and create a community of health for all people. Additionally, they contribute to revising the US “narrative against COVID-19.”

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