Entrepreneurship Training, Job Creation and Youth Empowerment

  •  Dayah Abdi Kulmie    
  •  Mukhtar Sheikh Hussein    
  •  Bile Mohumed Abdi    
  •  Mohamed Abdirahman Abdulle    
  •  Mohamed Ali Adam    


empowerment. The study relies solely on secondary sources from reputable books and journals. It has been determined that entrepreneurship plays a critical role in empowering young individuals, as enables them to enhance their skills and competence, thereby increasing their employment prospects and income levels. Moreover, it recognizes that entrepreneurship training encompasses interdisciplinary programs designed to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, foster innovation, and promote growth; these programs are instrumental in helping young people navigate social and economic challenges. The study proposes providing a comprehensive training approach for youth, particularly those residing in underdeveloped nations, while emphasizing the importance of integrating entrepreneurship policies into national plans and initiatives. Furthermore, the article suggests that development and educational institutions should implement structured entrepreneurship training programs to bolster employability by equipping young people with market-relevant competencies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.