New Changes and Challenges in the Youth Employment in China After Covid-19

  •  Daniel Weiyue Mei    


Employment in the younger generation is related to citizens’ well-being, social development, and political stability. In comparison with other demographic groups, young individuals more often face various challenges. These include greater vulnerability in the labor market, dissatisfaction with their employment status, notable structural disparities in employment opportunities, and inadequate effectiveness of policy support in employment. This article focuses on the current employment difficulties faced by college students and other young individuals in China. Drawing insights from official data, survey data, and platform monitoring data, the analysis points out notable shifts in youth employment. These new changes encompass a rise in employment within state-owned enterprises and an increase in the proportion of flexible employment. The youth are now facing new challenges which involve the coexistence of both periodic unemployment and structural unemployment, as well as high education and high unemployment. To address these issues effectively, it is recommended to merge short-term stable economic growth with long-term structural adjustment, thereby improving the quantity and quality of employment opportunities for the youth.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.