The Origin of Su Embroidery

  •  Shuai Xu    
  •  Longdi Cheng    
  •  Yunying Liu    
  •  Youping Lian    


The connotations of Su embroidery have been enriched chronically. Su embroidery was recognized as a speciality of a specific geographical site when it was first taken as an art of style. Later both the place it was produced and the style of the products affected the evaluation of the embroidery. The technique of the Su embroidery was earlier recognized than its fame known as “Su Xiu” in Chinese. The recognition of its technique resulted from man’s esthetic need and the production of the needed instruments like thread, needle, fabric and dye. Thus the system of the techniques was formed between the middle and late period of Liangzhu Culture (28-20th century BC) and the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period (557-532 BC). The development of technology, the need of the market, and the influence of culture altogether brought out the name “Su Xiu” in the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty (1506-1521).

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