A Study on the Characteristics of Middle-aged Chinese Female Users Based on Clothing Needs

  •  Jun Yao    
  •  Jianhui Chen    


With the growing number of middle-aged population in China, the clothing demand of middle-aged women has received increasing attention, so the research on user characteristics of this group has important value. This article first establishes the research variables through the literature, user interview, expert evaluation method, and then conducts analytical research through the questionnaire and data analysis of their characteristics, and finally establishes the middle-aged female user characteristics system framework, divided into physical change, maturity and stability, conservatism and decency, age adaptability, psychological pressure and cultural differences. The establishment of the system framework further deepens the understanding of the middle-aged female user groups, provides a clear reference benchmark for clothing enterprises, and also lays a theoretical foundation for the subsequent relevant researches.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.