Healthy Self Esteem and Mental Health

  •  Alejandro Ochoa Pimienta    


The seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the years, the lustrum, and the decades, are ways of measuring and specifying the location in time of man's events. Its use allows one to situate oneself at any moment in life, and for the same reason, they serve as references to remember events. Memories are ways of reliving the past, and these memories generate sensations that give rise to emotions, some very pleasant and others unpleasant. This ability that humans have to remember past events is challenging to control since, to a large extent, evocations are the product of present stimuli that are similar to past experiences. We are so used to this pattern of action that we have learned to live without questioning whether those past practices can mark our present. It is even possible to maintain that regardless of how positive or negative the experience may have been, all occasions, in one way or another, have left legacies or riches that translate into learning, which gradually build us for better or worse.

On various occasions, these legacies, the product of what we have learned, are reflected in our spirit to face daily demands. Many experiences can work as spurs that stimulate the habitual walk, but the opposite sometimes happens. The experiences resemble large concrete slabs that limit and hinder the daily pilgrimage. The weight of these tiles is not due to their mass or volume; this burden is manifested in the subject's morale, which can be observed in the human being by how he faces daily chores; that is, in attitudes of pessimism or positivism towards life. This emotional response can equally limit or boost motivation for the way of life that is led.

The issues dealt with here have an intimate relationship with the dynamics. And even better, this reading is accompanied by practical suggestions, which are easy to apply immediately. After this possible use, resources or skills are obtained that facilitate and allow oneself to develop first as a person, and after this, you can enjoy what you do. An attempt is made to provide personal coping tools so that the reader can control all those actions inherent to his performance. That is, to access and benefit the impulse of the power and essence of whoever reads this, and based on this impulse, increase self-knowledge and self-respect to promote self-care, and thus gradually achieve that they assimilate the concept "adaptation" so that it transcends as the constant to be preserved, to adapt to one's existence systematically.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.