Research on Sustainable Development Planning Strategies Under the Background of Rural Revitalization: Taking Yichang Cultural Tourism Town as an Example

  •  Wen Kangshu    


Under the background of "promoting rural revitalization in an all-round way," it is of great significance to study the sustainable development planning strategy of cultural tourism towns to realize rural revitalization. Taking the current situation of the development of cultural tourism towns in Yichang City as an example, this article deeply analyzes the development of cultural tourism towns in Yichang City. It also examines the phenomenon of blindly following the trend and homogenization in the development of rural cultural tourism towns in Yichang, including the hollowing out of town characteristics and the vulnerability of transition relying on a single tourism industry to market fluctuations.

The article proposes a good job in the integrated development of cultural tourism towns and urban tourism resources to realize the outstanding characteristics of small towns, tap the potential of the physical industry of cultural tourism towns, do a good job in the cultivation and development of cultural and creative industries, and support the sustainable development of cultural tourism towns through planning strategy. The research results show that adopting a reasonable sustainable development planning strategy, focusing on the scientific planning and construction of cultural tourism towns, can effectively promote the coordinated development of rural and urban areas.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.