Aspects of Emotional Intelligence Based on the Noble Qurʾān: An Analytical Study

  •  Abdelali Bey Zekkoub    
  •  Yasser Mohamed Tarshany    
  •  Fouad Bounama    


One of the most important fields of research is the effort to develop human abilities in various areas and to use them for the advancement of life and the improvement of one's livelihood. The Qurʾān, which Muslims believe that was the last book revealed by Almighty Allāh (God), gives many examples of how emotions help people and make them happier. The Qurʾān is a book that deals with emotions by using its guidance and helps refine people's emotions which were stated its various Sūrahs (chapters). This research makes an attempt to understand emotional Intelligence (EI), and to determine its aspects and skills based on Qurʾānic wisdoms. To investigate this issue, this study uses a qualitative data using both deductive and inductive approaches. The findings presented in this article are the outcomes of a thematic analysis of Qur'ānic verses (texts) related to the EI. This research identifies five aspects of EI: Religious, Psychological, Social, Environmental, and Divine Laws. It also identifies forty basic skills derived from Qurʾānic verses. Finally, it suggests further studies to come up with more EI skills that encompass all human aspects and achieve its goals and meet its needs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.