Higher Education Faculty Staff Members’ Knowledge of Providing Accommodations for Students with High Incidence Disabilities in Saudi Arabia

  •  Ameen Ali Alhaznawi    


The study's goal was to find out how well-versed Saudi Arabia's higher faculty members were in making accommodations for the country's large population of disabled pupils. The research also assessed the effect of gender, academic level, university locale, kind, lodging services, and training on the knowledge of higher faculty members. Two hundred forty-seven faculty members, including those from higher education, completed the poll. A cross-sectional survey methodology used multiple linear regression analysis to examine the data. The findings indicated that higher education faculty members generally have a proper understanding of providing accommodations for students with high incidence disabilities in Saudi Arabia. Higher education connected faculty members' knowledge to available accommodations, experience, training, and geography. The data also showed that faculty members' awareness of making accommodations for Saudi Arabian students with a high incidence of disabilities was unrelated to gender, academic level, university region, or institution type.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.