An Overview of the Challenges and Educational Initiatives Developed by Museums to Combat COVID-19

  •  Cristina Cruz-González    
  •  Carmen Lucena Rodríguez    
  •  Javier Mula-Falcón    


The global pandemic of the COVID-19 has caused numerous challenges and obstacles in the museum sector. Due to social and mobility restrictions, museums have had to adapt their services to virtual scenarios in record time. In this article we explore the different initiatives developed in various geographical locations around the world and investigate the various barriers and limitations that museums have experienced in dealing with this pandemic. In addition, we explore the different lines of current research that address this issue and analyze the educational and professional implications that can be drawn from this health and social crisis. Some of our main findings reveal the importance of digital education and training of the museum's professional staff. They also highlight the big role played by social networks as a resource to bring the museum closer to the audience in times of coronavirus. Finally, we argue for a greater political effort to guarantee the digitization of museums that do not have sufficient resources in times when access to culture is mainly online.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.