Co-build City “SMILE PLACE”- The History and Future of Urban Furniture

  •  Shude Song    
  •  Shidu Bao    


Urban furniture, as an element of the city, is closely related to the development of the city. The nature, type, function and form of urban public space change with the development of The Times. The nature, type, function and form of urban furniture also change accordingly. Urban furniture gradually develops from monomer to group, from group to subsystem, and then from subsystem to the large-scale system, which has become an indispensable component and element in the urban system. As an important component of the urban public system, the importance of urban furniture is being gradually amplified, and the systematic construction of urban furniture has become a trend. Its construction level is closely related to urban environmental quality, urban culture, urban brand construction and urban sustainable development. Through the construction of the urban furniture system, the urban space will become a "SMILE PLACE"— Subtle, Maintained, Integrated, Lively and Enjoyable.

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