Evaluation of the Types and Comprehensive Effects of Ecological Migration in China: Taking the Ecological Protection and Land Tenure Protection of Xihaigu Area in Ningxia as an Example

  •  Yizhen Xu    


The ecological migration project in the Xihaigu Area of Ningxia, the first of such projects to be initiated with the longest history, is a typical example of China's ecological migration projects. Through the methods of field investigation, in-depth interviews, and examination of typical cases, the paper aims to evaluate Xihaigu's ecological migration project in the aspects of ecological restoration, poverty alleviation, income increase and social development. The conclusion is that China's ecological immigrants represented by Xihaigu's example have reached ecological improvement goals and economic and social development. At the same time, due to the government's vigorous promotion of this process, the fairness of the distribution of benefits for migrants in the earlier and later stages is slightly unbalanced, and the ecological protection awareness of the immigrants was always insufficient. The later process of immigration was relatively too fast, and ecological migration still faces further challenges.

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