Positive and Negative Experiences, E-safety and Sharing with Others: Surfing the Internet and Social Networks and the Correlations Between Experiences, Self-image and Computer Skills Among Children and Adolescents

  •  Gila Cohen Zilka    


In light of the many major changes in the lives of children and adolescents due to digital developments, this study sought to examine positive and negative experiences, e-safety and sharing with others while surfing the internet and especially social networks from the point of view of children and adolescents. The study also examined the correlation between these experiences, self-image and computer skills. Participating in this mixed-method study were 373 children and teenagers, who were divided into three age groups. The findings showed a positive correlation between self-image, the level of computer skills and the degree of internet use. The measure of self-esteem was found to correlate positively with the parameters of social networks surfing except for the parameter of negative experiences. Social networks and internet use among 16-18-year-olds was found to be higher than among younger children, with a rise in the number of teenagers’ negative experiences that corresponded to the rise in use. The adolescents also mentioned they had been exposed to violent content at a higher rate than the younger groups.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.