Practice of Running Dyeing & Weaving Weekly in the Republic of China and Dissemination of Science and Technology

  •  Bochong Zhao    
  •  Kehui Deng    


Dyeing & Weaving Weekly (1935-1941) is a scientific and technological periodical which has been published for a long time and has never been interrupted in the field of textile in modern China. The journal publishes a large number of the latest achievements in textile science and technology, and is an important historical material and typical case for the study of modern science and technology dissemination. Rich in content, Dyeing & Weaving Weekly focuses on solving practical problems in the textile industry and guiding the direction of scientific research, which not only promotes the dissemination of textile science and technology but also contributes to the development of the textile industry. Therefore, from the perspective of science and technology communication and the history of newspapers and periodicals, this paper examines the practice and communication strategies of Dyeing & Textile Weekly, in order to prove that Dyeing & Textile Weekly has a positive impact on science and technology communication in modern China, and also provides experience reference for the development of contemporary science and technology periodicals in China, which has certain reference significance.

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