A Mathematical Analysis of Historical Papers After the Reissue of Journal of Silk

  •  Yu Xing    
  •  Xiaoming Yang    


After the reissue of Journal of Silk, the historical papers published can reflect the academic history of Chinese Textile and Apparel History research. The mathematical analysis of these papers is helpful to clarify the territory and important towns of the research on Chinese Textile and Apparel History. Through literature collation and mathematical analysis, the paper believes that: ① The changes in the types of historical papers in Journal of Silk, especially the decline in the amount of papers published by corporate personnel, indicate that the Journal has transformed from a journal that integrates education, academia, and training into an academic publication. ② For a long time, authors from Zhejiang and Jiangsu have published more than half of the papers. This phenomenon is related to the earliest research on historical theory in the two places, especially the Zhejiang Silk Institute of Technology, which was the first organization to engage in professional research on historical theory in China. ③ Authors in Zhejiang Province had the largest number of papers before 2003. But after 2004, authors in Jiangsu had the largest number of papers. And after 2004, authors in Shanghai had more papers published, which is related to the strengthening of relevant majors by Suzhou University, Jiangnan University and Donghua University. At the same time, the experience of Jiangnan University shows that restricting the graduation conditions for master's students is conducive to research in the field of Historical Theory.

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