An Phased Analysis on the Research of Textile and Costume History in Journal of Silk

  •  Yu Xing    
  •  Xiaoming Yang    


The historical theory column "History and Culture" of Journal of Silk is unique in the textile and costume journal industry. Many famous scholars in history and nowadays have written papers on this column. The phased research on the column will help us clarify the academic history and important figures of textile and costume history. Based on the relevant statistics of Journal of Silk, the research concludes that: ① The name change of historical theory column in Journal of Silk reflects the determination of Journal of Silk whose historical theory column starts from the history of silk and finally extends to the entire history of textile culture and textile technology. ② The research on clothing history in Journal of Silk can be divided into four periods. 1977-1986 is the budding period, 1987-2003 is the hovering period, 2004-2014 is the stable period, and 2015 is the accelerated development period. ③ The factors of this stage are closely related to the amount of papers published. The changes in the amount of papers published in the previous period are closely related to politics. With the deepening of economic reforms, it is closely related to the reform and development of the textile industry and the development of universities.

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